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A girl named Eve is lost with only the memory of her teddy bear.  Eve must travel through her nightmares, utilize her newly-found powers of space manipulation and find her beloved teddy bear to regain her memory and a grip on her reality. 


Rouge-Like Fez Inspired Platformer. With this game, I Wanted to dive head first into a project that Manipulated 2D space in an interesting way. I loved the concept of a 2D world inside a 3d space (directly relating to FEZ) and wanted to pursue that inspiration while adding Roguelike elements.  While  It was a daunting challenge I learned a lot about Unity and workflow to create a base for a future game



Binding Of Issac 

Monument Vally 

Initial Prototypes

Difficulties in the turning mechanic due to overlapping in 2D orthographic space when the world is in 3D

Second Iteration with Improvements on turning and more platforms/interaction. While all problems with 2D interaction were not fixed the game was put into a good base state to improve on.

Final Iteration

This Is the accumulation of a lot of work on the programming and world-building side. While I wanted to get more precision and levels we had a lot of problems with the systems themselves. I hope to keep working on this for the future and implement

- Cleaner Precise movement ​

- rouge Like elements 

- overall rework of the turning mechanic 

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